Wednesday, November 16, 2011

8 Most Worn Things Tag: Fall Edition

Hello Shiny People!
I was tagged by Katja to make a post about 8 most worn things for fall:
1. most worn lipstick/ lipgloss
2. most worn jewelry
3. most worn shirt
4. most worn nail polish
5. most worn shoes
6. most worn hair product
7. most worn perfume
8. most worn handbag/purse

So let's get it started!

1. Most worn lipstick/ lipgloss
2. Most worn jewelry
red rose stud earrings 
3. Most worn shirt
plaid shirt from Pull & Bear
4. Most worn nail polish
5. Most worn shoes
brown leather ballerinas
6. Most worn perfume
coco mademoiselle by Chanel
8. Most worn handbag/ purse

Do you like my choices?

The rules are : Tag 8 people 

8. Everyone else who wants to make this post!

If you make a post write below a link to see your favourite things for fall!

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