Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's all random!

Hello Shiny People!
This post is with random facts and things...
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In Greece this period these bracelets are a new trend...

Two weeks ago I started watching "The Big Bang Theory" and I became obsessed!!!

Do like sleeping many hours? I do!

Yesterday I was in bookstore and found the following picture in a book.
It shows what men look first at a woman!
The title of the book translated is: Because you'll never have a second chance.
This image shows that 63% they look between shoulders and knees.  So the author was wondering why women give so much money for face products!!!!

Moreover, in this book I found this quote: 
"Failure in life isn't the fact that you fell down but the fact that you didn't stand up immediately!"

Below are some funny pics and quotes!
photos from google, weheartit, stylista, lifo

Too random, right?

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