Thursday, December 29, 2011

Review of 2011!

Hello Everyone!
As 2011 is leaving I wanted to have a photo review of this year.

First of all I started blogging in January and that's something I love doing and I've never regreted starting it!

Below are my 4 favourite movies of 2011:
Never Let Me Go trailer press here
Last Night trailer press here
Something Borrowed trailer press here
Christmas Tango (greek movie) trailer press here
I'll always remember these movies, they were really good!

Favourite TV shows I saw in 2011
Melrose Place was released in 2009 but I saw it this year.
I saw 5 seasons of Big Bang Theory in 1 month!
Moving on!
My favourite purchases!
ISO coat , blanco scarf
pretty small shoes ankle boots, M+K croco waller
My 2 favourite nail polishes I bought this year:

Did you like my favourites?

I would like to close this post by saying that...
photos from google, weheartit

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