Friday, July 1, 2011

Fashion is Art!

Hello Girls and have an Amazing new month!
Today I have for you photos from the new collection of Cristian Louboutin.
This collection is for fall '11 and winter '12.
The pictures are inspired by famous paintings of the 15th century.
My favourite is the first shoe.
Which one you like most?
Francois Clouet – “Elizabeth of Austria”
Marie-Guilleme Benoit – “Portrait d’une Negresse”
Jean Baptiste-Camille Corot – “Portrait of a Girl”
Jean-Marc Nattier – “Marquise D’Antin”
Francisco De Zurbaran – “Saint Dorothy”
Georges de la Tour – “Magdalene and the Flame”
James McNeil Whistler -  “Whistler’s Mother"

Photographer: Peter Lippman

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