Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pretty Awesome Shoes!

Hello Girls! Hope you're enjoying your summer!
When it comes to shoes and especially to high heels I find it really difficult to buy some. The problem is that I'm a petite young lady and most heels I find in stores are too big for my feet.
About a month ago I ran into Pretty Small Shoes, which is a company in London that provides shoes exclusively for small feet women.
They have so many different styles that it's impossible not to find something that you like!
I made my first order and I was surprisingly happy when my heels arrived!
As you can see from the photos they're gorgeous. They're called  killer opentoe, the  colour is "New Toner Beige" and the heel is 11cm with 2cm platform.
But I chose the wrong size because they were too narrow for my feet, so I send them back and the company send me a bigger size. I still found them narrow so I prefered to give the shoes to my sister, they fitted great to her.
I recommend you buying shoes from this company, as the shoes have a great quality, the service is excellent and you'll be satisfied.
So tell me do you like the shoes I bought?

Don't they look similar to these Louboutins?

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