Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My first OPIs!

Hello Shiny People! Hope you are all having a nice time!
I recently purchased three OPI polishes, so far I had never tried them.
I wanted a grey polish because the one that I had finished. (You can see the previous grey  here).
So, I bought "French Quarter For Your Thoughts" from the "Touring America" collection. It's a really nice grey colour with a tone of green.

Moreover my top coat finished, I wanted to try Seche Vite (it's said to be the best top coat in the market) but I've heard that it's quite dangerous so I postponed buying it. Maybe some time in the future...
I found these on ebay, the top coat was sold together with "nail strengthener", so why not trying it, since it has good reviews.
Do you like the the grey polish I picked?
Have you ever tried the nail strengthener and this top coat?
I would love also to read your opinions about Seche Vite.

See you in the next post! I send you a big...

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